The 33rd Annual Reds Race “Race for a Better Community” 2014 is a 5 mile road race and 2.4 mile walking course, open to anyone interested in either running or walking in this annual event.

Participants span from the serious runner to recreational joggers enjoying a challenging, yet beautiful running course, to families and community members of all ages and sizes walking the 2.4 mile walking route.

The intent of all participants is to take part in an historic community event while raising much-needed funds for these local non-profit organizations that provide important services in Strafford County.

Join us on Sunday, April 13th at 10 a.m.
for the running and walking
of Reds Race 2014!
Start location: 288 Central Ave., Dover, NH 03820
 Finish location: Henry Law Park, Henry Law Ave., Dover, NH 03820

~New in 2014~
Reds Race is one of the 11 road races in the Dover Race Series
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 Please feel free to take a moment by clicking on each of the non-profit logo’s located here, to learn
about the great things they do every day here in Strafford County.

  Woodman Park School PTO POP QUIZ ANSWERS! 

1. Who is the Principal of Woodman Park School?
Patrick Boodey

2. In what year did students begin attending Woodman Park School?

3. What was the cost to build the original Woodman Park School structure when construction began in 1950?  

4. What was unearthed in 2007 when renovations where underway at Woodman Park School? 
Time Capsule, placed under the schools cornerstone when the school was originally built.

5. What is the name of any First Grade teacher at Woodman Park School?
Mrs. Eastman, Ms Gennett, Mrs. Shea, Ms. Soris, or Mrs. Jackson



Race Beneficiaries


Malley Farm

Monarch School

Community Partners

Dover Adult Learning Center